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Latch Hardware

Austin offers latches to fit any need. Our selection varies from bar locks, compression latches, D-rings, dead bolt latches, lock cylinders, paddle latches, rotary latches, and more. We have latches for applications including truck body and trailer, emergency vehicle, HVAC, sheet metal fabrication and industrial equipment manufacturers.
Shop great deals on clearance latches including end bolts, safety catches, swing handles, slam locks, and much more.
Cam & Bar Locks
Austins welded and packaged cam and bar lock assemblies are high quality products that fit your industrial needs.
Austin's inventory includes secure compartment latches made from chrome, steel, die zinc cast plated, and more.
Components & Accessories
Latch components and accessories include cams, gaskets and spacers, rods, rod guides, striker pins, and more.
Austin Hardware compression latches come in a variety of styles: lever, lift and turn, vise action, and more.
Dead Bolt
Our line of dead bolt latches is made to withstand a variety of environments in light, medium, or heavy duty applications.
Our adjustable draw latches are manufactured to work in a variety of applications.
Our selection of D-Ring latches are available in single-point, 2-point, 3-point, and even 4-point configurations.
Electrical Panel/Box
Latch hardware secures electrical panel boxes and includes JIC clamps, springs, brackets and quarter turns.
Hasps & Staples
Hasps and staples are available in raw and polished stainless steel, plain steel, zinc plated, powder coated and many more.
Keys  Install & Actuating Tools
Shop lock cylinders in configurations like single and double bit keys, and tools with slotted, square, and triangle head styles.
Lock Cylinder
Our lock cylinders can be used as stand-alone or integrated with paddle handles, d-ring latches, folding-T handles, and more.
Magnetic latches are available in metal, ceramic, and plastic, withstanding light to heavy-duty usage.
Latches include compartment, compression, dead bolt, slam, paddle, folding-T, D-ring, draw latches, and many more.
Our paddle latches are available in single-point, 2-point, 3-point, and even 4-point configurations in many steel finishes.
Quarter Turn
Our quarter turn latches are durable options for light cabinet doors and panels.
Recessed Folding "T"
Recessed folding T latches come in single, two, and three-point versions in non-locking and locking styles in many finishes.
Our refrigeration latches include adjustable locks available in die cast or stainless steel.
These rotary latches are suitable for various applications and include single stage, two stage, electronic, dual jaw, and more.
Slam latches are available in materials including die cast, zinc plated, and plastic and with locking and non-locking features.
Swing Handle
Austins swing handle latches are perfect for sliding door applications and are key locking for security.

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