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Hinge Hardware

Austin has the industry’s largest selection of hinges. Hinges are categorized by a defining attribute or distinguishing feature, whether you’re looking for gate hinges, cabinet hinges, butt hinges or specialty hinges we can be your source. Continuous (piano) hinges are used in the utility truck market as well as fire and rescue market. Continuous hinges are measured by length, open width, desired gauge and material. Strap hinges, mostly found on heavy or tall doors of a trailer or truck, are measured in length perpendicularly from the pin to the tip of the longer leaf. Weld-on hinges, made in several lengths and materials, are used in industrial and heavy-duty applications. Butt hinges, designed with either fixed or loose pins, are often equal in length and width and come in a variety of material.
Shop clearance hinge hardware including strap hinges, spring loaded hinges, butt hinges, and more.
Shop our selection of butt hinges for cabinets, gates, and doors in aluminum, chrome steel, and stainless steel.
Butt  Spring Loaded
Shop our stainless steel spring loaded butt hinges, perfect for industrial self-closing doors and more.
Components & Accessories
Austin Hardware has an extensive in-stock selection of hinge components and accessories.
Our concealed hinges are available in a variety of materials and finishes including plain, stainless, and zinc plated steel.
Shop our continuous hinges in open width sizes ranging 1-8 inches. Piano hinges are steel, stainless steel, and aluminum.
Door Positioning
Easily position doors, display screens, etc. with durable door positioning hinges, available in many finishes.
Latch Hinges
Our latch hinges are available in a variety of materials including stainless and zinc steel.
Lift-off & Block
Our collection of lift off and block hinges come in a range of materials and finishes.
Roll-up Door
Shop our durable roll-up door hinge for Todco and Whiting roll-up doors used on many truck bodies and trailers.
Special Purpose & Misc.
Austin Hardware stocks a variety of special purpose hinges hardware including plastic, electrical hinges, and more.
Strap hinges are weather resistant and come in a variety of materials and finishes.
Austin Hardware and Supply carries both plain and stainless steel weld-on hinges for metal cabinets, toolboxes, doors, etc.

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