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Handle Hardware

Whether you’re an OEM building truck bodies, trailers, emergency or specialty vehicles, or one of thousands of other types of industrial equipment, you’re going to need handles. Our handles come in every size and style with optional locking, key-locking, or padlocking capability. Styles include grab and pull handles, inside and outside L & T handles, lift and chest handles, knobs, folding hand grips, and slip resistant hand rail especially suited for emergency vehicles, and so much more. 
Clearance deals for handles include chest handles, pull handles, swivel handles, L handles, and more.
Components & Accessories
Austin provides components and accessories for handles such as gaskets, spacers, and mounting hardware.
Grab Handle
Shop our line of grab handles, available in steel, zinc plated steel, aluminum, stainless, poly coated and more.
Grab Rail
Austins durable slip-resistant grab rails can be positioned vertically and horizontally and come in a variety of materials.
Hand Grips & Steps
Shop our extensive selection of folding steps and hand grips available in aluminum, die cast zinc, stainless steel, and more.
Inside Handle
We carry inside handles in a variety of styles including levers, L and T-shaped, paddle handles and more.
Our assortment of knob handles include inside release knob and phenolic fluted-rim knob.
L Handle
Our L-style handles are available in 90 counter-clockwise rotation and 180 - 360 rotation.
Lift & Chest Handle
Our selection of lift and chest handles come in a variety of styles and finishes.
Our handles are available in styles including rubber grips and spacers. Austin has the handle for your application.
Pull Handle
Our handles feature locking and non-locking pull handles, chrome plated, plastic grab handles and more.
T Handle
Austin Hardware and Supply offers a variety of T-Handle options with locking and non-locking features.

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