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Body Hardware for Your Vehicles

Austin Hardware has a wide selection of body hardware for most types of vehicles in the transportation industry such as utility bodies, RV’s, and specialty vehicles;  fire trucks, ambulances, and emergency rescue vehicles; stake bodies;  flat bed, race car, and horse trailers; buses, rail cars and others. In-stock body hardware solutions include bumpers, aluminum castings and extrusions, compartment lining, hood fasteners, isolators, mud flaps, strut channel, and much more. We also offer walk-in van hardware such as mirrors and seating.
Rubber Door & Dock Bumpers, Mini Bumpers with PSA, Grommets, Shock Absorbers, Stainless Steel Non-Flip Bumpers
Castings & Extrusions
Aluminum Body Hardware - Drip Molding, Floor Trim, Corner & Radius Panels, Fuel Fill Doors, Hose Tray & Hosebed Slats for Fire Trucks, and More
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